Monday, June 25, 2012

Wrap it up - Brian

Time to go, and we are all so happy to have accomplished the tasks that we set out to do. We had a final PID meeting with all of the OSLC team, Nurses that traveled with us, Norm who made water filtration systems, Gale Hull, and Abby, the Director here. We shared highlights of the week, and said some goodbyes, and shared email address so we can upload all of our photos together. It's amazing that in 1 week, we made so made friends! We had to say goodbye to the kids at the site that we had soon much fun with, and that were AMAZING helpers and workers.

We are leaving at 5:45am to drive to the airport and will arrive on Boston at 10:55 Tuesday night. So pray for our travels, as well as safe arrival for our India team.

See you soon!

Cute kids at the worksite

There is a list of kids you can sponsor for $30/mo on the PID website. 100% of the money goes to the child, you can read their story on the site, write to them when you sponsor, they can write back, send Christmas money for a present and more. Please consider adopting one of these cute kids.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

chicken bus on the last day

San Antonio church

Antigua - a much needed day off - Brian

We all worked half a day yesterday, and had today off. We really need it to recharge, and just relax. The work here is as hard or even harder than Haiti, due to the distance we need to move our materials. The first work day starts by working for 45 min, and taking a 10 min break, and by Friday, you work for 10 and take a 45 min break.

Today we went to church in San Antonio and enjoyed a Spanish service in a very busy square. Sandy printed the Missal, so we could somewhat follow along. From church, we took a 2 1/2 ride to Antigua where there are blocks and blocks of stores, vendors, restaurants and street entertainment. No outlet stores, but if you shop, plenty to see, but be ready to negotiate! We had a great lunch there as well and were able to sit all 12 of us together.

One more day to go! There are mixed emotions about leaving...some want to go home (me!) and others wish they could stay. There is plenty of work to do in this country, but still, it is far more developed than Haiti in alot of ways, such as government, infrastructure, commerce etc. All the same, poor people are poor, and they don't benefit from most of that. You cannot tell the difference from a village in Haiti to one here, these people live as simply as you can ever imagine, yet a cross section of their faith is stronger than you will find in the U.S.

Well, we are preparing to start I our bible study now, so we will be continuing to pray for our families, and all of you.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Honduran dinner at Abby's house. (PID Director)

At the Myan ruins

OK, the prayer card shows Myan ruins, but it was photoshopped in. This is the real thing!

The PID team - most of them a here for a week like us

Hi everyone, sorry I have been so long in getting on but when I have been ready we couldn't, connect. It has been absolutely incredible. I can,t believe I was able to work with a five day old baby. It was all I could do to keep from putting him in my backpack. The children here are beautiful and thankfully not as malnourished as I had anticipated. the nurses here are incredible and the staff is really helpful especially with translation. we appreciate your prayers traveling is the biggest challenge for me and most of us don't enjoy being in the front seat. Buenos notches,Sandy

Work site - Gary

Well this certainly has been an incredible experience. We have been here 4 plus days now and it feels like half that time. Time flies when you are having fun as the saying goes! The carpentry ministry has been moving right along as Bob has been constructing screen doors for the clinic and I have been installing wood shelves. I put in my 14th shelf yesterday. The folks in the clinic didn't waste any time putting to use as they we all almost full by the time we arrived Sat morning. The children are the most amazing. Considering the poverty they live in it is amazing how happy, considerate, respectful, and loving they are. I met a little girl about the age of my granddaughter and she just wanted to smile at me and hold my hand. As I worked she seemed to be everywhere I turned around. All the children want whatever we start snacking on and if you aren't careful your entire supply would be gone in about a minute. They are a joy to have around though. The Lord is so good and is reflected in them daily! The construction ministry moved more rocks and sand and witnessed a bathroom going up from digging the foundation to the walls. Since I finished my shelf project I got the chance on the chain gang to move rocks and sand too. It will be extra strength Tylenol tonight!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The final shelf - #14

A Clown Car? Bob, Brian and Gary in back, Evan, Anthony and the driver in front of a "Tuc - Tuc" (pronounced took - took)

Measure twice...because there isn't a Home Depot!

Construction Ministry - Dan

Great day today at the worksite. Still heavy lifting of rock,sand,cement,and crushed stone were the Order of the day in constructing a bathroom for a PID house. The interesting thing about our Construction Ministry is the interaction with the client family children. Seems like the size of the a family grows by the day with twin sisters, Magadeline and Jasmine, Gustabo, Juan Carlos, Eduardo,Davi and many others whose names escape me at this moment. Our nicknames On the site are Danny Boy,SeƱor Grande Brian, Anthony, Dylan (We mean Evan). Anthony has been like the Pied Piper with all the snacks he has in his backpack that are dispensed at break time. The Construction Ministry has been a great experience with John 3:16 proudly displayed in Spanish on the back of our OSLC Team t Shirts. The children love to read our shirts and laugh as we try to communicate in Spanish. Thanks to Evan and Anthony for helping us communicate. We have had many laughs, it is always great to have some high school students on Mission Trips. It is a blessed life that we live. Bob Wancheck prepares a different bible passage that we carry with us Daily to the worksite and read as a group over the course of the day. The Guatemalan people we have met are engaging and appreciate the help we provide. Like my past experience on a Mission Trip to Haiti, it seems like people with so little in worldly possessions are so rich in so many more important things. Thanks to everyone for the opportunity to be part of the Guatemalan Mission Team.

Update: after the rain, it's not full of water!

At the worksite. Edgar is the PID construction boss in gray.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The hardest ditch we ever dug

From my 2 trips to Haiti, I estimated that two guys could dig this 3' deep by 18" wide 18' long, in about 2 hours. However, this soil is very dense, like took 5 of us all afternoon. We moved a pile of rocks over a small muddy stream, and to the site, about 100 yards as well. Very hard work, but The Lord kept us strong and diligent! Tonight, it is raining hard...what's will we find in the morning?

Kids love the boys!

A very nice PID built house for Philip-a "star" in the housing program


Today we began by building the foundation to the first bathroom, first by carrying the bricks and sand to the site and then mixing right on site. After Edgar Layed the first layer of bricks we moved on to the second site where we dug in this clay thick dirt 3 feet down for the second bathroom foundation, wasn't to plesent. We finished off the work day by wheelbarrowing rocks to the second foundation. We headed back the hotel and relaxed in the pool right before a turenchal downpour.

Move this...waaaaaay down there!

Sandy teaching kids about "Salvation Beads"

Evan "too tall" Brown

Chicken Bus

God is great! - Brian

Wow! We asked for prayers for many things, and have Been praying for all of you as well, and one of our prayer requests was for access to the Internet to update the blog.well today a new router installed, and here I am, updating the blog! Your prayers are powerfull! I am going to upload some photos and let the team blog away! God is good, all the time! All the time...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Safely in Guatemala - Brian

"Where is the Guatamela blog?" you may be asking, well, you may have guessed the internet in very, VERY finicky! Despite all of our attempts last night, we simply could not get a connection. Today, I am writing from the PID clinic, on an a computer with an 'internet stick' (wish I knew that before we left), so i don't know how often I will be able to impose, however, i will try every night to get a connection!

It is very important for us to let you know, and our families, that we are all well, and working hard. Today, we took a 'Chicken Bus' (how fun does that sound!) to the Clinic. Its a Guatemalan 'Tap Tap' for those of you that have been to Haiti or remember. Basically, a colorful schools that acts as a taxi.

Sandy is working in the clinic organizing all of the supplies we brought. The clinic is busy today with a lot of people to be seen.

Bob and Gary are putting up shelves, fixing screens and doing some handyman work at the clinic.

Dan and Anthony (we are lucky to have Anthony who came to us through PID, and speaks Spanish!) are moving sand and dirt with wheelbarrows.

Evan and I dugout a foundation, in the mud, for a bathroom.

I think we will all be working on the bathroom that is attached to a fairly new PID house.

While we are working, we are reading and contemplating notecards that Bob gave us with John 13:34. It really is a great idea to remind us why we are here, and how much God loves these people.

Please pray for our continued strength, diligence in our work, team spirit and to show the love of Jesus as HE would want us to, saying the right words, and acting in a way that glorifies Him. I don't know if this will be the last blog entry or not due to the difficult internet, power outages etc, so please also pray that we can connect to the internet, and update the blog. It is just as important for goers to connect back home as it is for our senders and prayers to read.

Brian and the team

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flight 469 leaves at 8:10 to Miami. Flight 983 leaves Miami and arrives in Guatemala at 1:10 (2 hour time difference). Flight 982 leaves Guatemala at 11:35am to Miami. Flight 1810 leaves MIa at 7:45 pm and arrives in BOS at 10:55 pm.